Foreign Study Dream can now be Fulfilled at Less cost |Is there a way to study abroad for free| Study abroad scholarships| Cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students.

 Foreign Study Dream can now be Fulfilled at Less cost 

Which student does not dream of having strong foundation of his career after studying in some of the best universities of the world ? But many times, money comes in this dream of studying in these universities located across the seven seas, not on the marks or entrance examinations. Before applying to foreign universities, students not only got their fees, Rather, Staying in that country for two-four years also has think about the cost of studying. But you might be surprised to know that some such avenues are available for Indian students through which they can fulfill their dream of studying in top foreign Universities. If you also have a plan to go outside India, Then this information will bee useful for you.

These Point Will be Helpful in Choosing the Country for Studies. 

Generally, the benefits of studying in different countries can also vary. In such a situation, you can choose the country according to your choice and situation.

               1.   Fees in universities in many countries like Norway and Slovenia are quite low. You can consider studying in such countries. Also, If language is not an obstacle for you, you can also move to Germany and Brazil. 
                2.   In the US, the chances of getting a scholarship for MS are usually higher than MBA. In such a situation, according to your degree and the possibility of getting scholarship for it, choose the country and university.

                 3.    Many students know about Germany's free undergraduate programs, but students do not know that much about programs in France.  Where the number of international scholarships has risen significantly in the recent past.  In such a situation, it is very important to select the right universities.
                  4.   If you are thinking of going to Canada or New Zealand, then part-time work of up to twenty hours per week can greatly help in getting your student visa.  This allows you to cover your tuition fees to a great extent.

                 5.   In Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Norway, you can get a fee waiver.

                 6.   Work study in New Zealand and Canada can be a good option through which you can get tuition fees.  Can survive or even get sponsored education.

                7.    Government-funded scholarships can be a good support for international students in countries like Sweden and Norway.

                8.  You have good chances of getting scholarships in US.  In such a situation, applying early in the career can also give you good scholarships.

In this way, you can reduce the cost of education abroad.
            1. Apply directly to such universities where education is not expensive.  
            2. Education Exchange Programs (EEPs) are also good ways to get affordable education. The Government of India has signed MoUs in the field of education from more than 50 countries that help Indian students get partial or full scholarships. 
            3. PhD and MS Scholars can strive for assistant ship so that they can become Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant and Graduate Research Assistant.

Get such scholarships and bursaries 

              Students generally think that studying abroad is a very expensive option.  But scholarships and bursaries can help you in this matter.  

         1.      There are two types of scholarships - one in which tuition fees are exempt and the other in which the student's living expenses are borne.  You can choose one of these according to your situation. 
          2.    You can get information about universities that conduct their entrance tests and also provide scholarships to the best performing students.

         3.  You can get information about such universities, conduct your atrocities and also provide scholarships to the best performing students.
If you perform very well in exams like GMAT, GRE and SAT, you can get good scholarships to pay tuition fees.

           4.   A formal work experience can give you an edge over other candidates.  If you have an internship experience, it can help you a lot in getting scholarships.  At the same time, scholarships like Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation can prove to be very helpful for Indian students in the Abroad Study. 

          5.   A bursary is a kind of monetary award that differs from scholarships in that the scholarship is merit-based, whereas the bursaries are based on economic need.  Needy students can also try for these.

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