Three Apps That Are Helpful in Social Distancing| Social Distancing Apps.

Three Apps That Are Helpful in Social Distancing.

In view of the increasing cases of corona all over the world, the importance of social distancing is being understood by all. But sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain it when  you get out of the house. In such a situation, many helpful apps have been developed not only in the country but which help you to keep a safe distance from people by alerting them from time to time. Among them, the name of Arogya Setu is known among all of us. With the help of Bluetooth and Location, this app tells users whether they have come in contact with an infected person. Similarly,some other apps are available in the market which are providing you many helpful features. Know about three such apps and choose the one that you like. 

Beware Of Vibration 1 point 5.

This app developed By United Nations Technology Innovation Labs scans mobile devices around you and informs you as soon as a device enters your 1.5 meter radius is it takes the help of vibration and picture to give you information that reminds you to maintain distance. You can also increase the radius from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters. In this app, taking the help of Bluetooth, the mobiles of family and friends can be whitelisted, that means your mobile will not vibrate when they come near them. It appeals that it does not collect or store any of your personal data.

Drawer Scoring Social Distancing.

This is a community based personal safety assistance and social distancing app that alert users when they come within two meter radius. Here users also get regular reports of their social distancing practices. Not only this, the app also gives users a score on the basis of their social distancing. It gives you the facility of 24*7 emergency helpline through which you can send panic alerts by pressing a button. At the same time, with the help of GPS, such as track your Family, the user,s family can track his live location with the help of GPS. Apart from this, it also provides ambulance services in many states.

Google's Sodar Creates an AR Ring Around You.

This social distancing app Launched by Google for Android has been made available through the Chrome Browser. The special feature of this app is that with the help of augmented reality, it creates a ring of two meters radius around the user so that it can follow the social distancing guidelines. It can do this with the help of WebXR Technology. Unlike many other apps, neither do you need to install anything in your phone not does it have to be installed in the phones of others around you. 

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