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Erase Your Skill Gap With Professional Short Courses

According to a report by Kinsey, by the year 2030, 14% of the global workforce will have to switch to new job roles and learn new skills to avoid unemployment.  In this scenario, they will be in the benefit of employees who keep updating themselves constantly.  If you also want to join such employees, then these professional short courses can help you in eliminating the skill gap.

If you want to start a business, then you must have a lot of knowledge of entrepreneurship.  This London Business School program helps you improve the pitch while evaluating your market operations and provides answers to your questions related to finance as well as ways to investors. This 12-week program is helpful in building a strong foundation for entrepreneurs.

According to an Ed-tech firm, in 2020 there will be 1.5 lakh new job openings in the field of data science in the country, which is 62% higher than the previous year.  This professional course, offered by Harvard, develops case-set skills in students with the help of case studies, including R programming used by data miners and statisticians.

Micro Masters Program in Business Management - IIMBx.

Whatever the sector, taking a course in business management can prove beneficial for your personal growth.  This ten-month program gives an opportunity to experience virtual management courses at IIM Bangalore.  Here students are explained about accounting, HR, finance, operations, marketing and strategy.  There are also opportunities to connect with IIMB's on-campus programs.

Micro Masters Program in Supply Chain Management - MITX

A report from the Formulation and Materials Handling Institute says that in the field of supply chain management, about 2,70,000 new opportunities are being born every year.  In this way, you can get information about supply chain analytics, design, technology, dynamics and end-to-end supply chain management from this course of MIT.


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