Robots attract you, Make a Career in Robotics|Robotics Engineer|Career in Robotics.

Robots attract you, Make a Career in Robotics.

Robots have played a supporting role in this phase of the epidemic.  They are performing various tasks ranging from measuring the temperature and BP of hospitalized patients to checking oxygen saturation of patients placed on ventilators, disinfecting many public places with ultraviolet rays, delivering food to quarantined people.  This same role has also paved the way for their widespread use in future.  If you too are attracted to robots and you wish to start your career in this field then you will have to study robotics.  Robotics is actually an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that consists of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering and students.

There are opportunities in these fields.

Career opportunities open up for students studying robotics in the fields of manufacturing industries, aerospace industries, private industries, biomedical industries, automobiles, appliances and industrial tools.  Students with degrees in robotics technologies can make strong careers in the fields of robot technology, artificial intelligence, computer controlled machine programming, robotic sales.  With advanced degrees like MS, ME, MTech and PhD in robotics you can get ready for the job of robotics scientist, robotics engineers and robotics technicians.  Courses of robotics engineering can be done from institutes like IIT, IISc Bangalore, BITS Pilani, and there are many courses which can be done at school level also.

These Courses are at school level.

Robogenie is an online, learning platform where multiple courses such as coding, robotics, web designing, public speaking, speed maths are available for children from 5 to 13 years.  Here robotics learning is combined with the basics of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  Tekkieuni, SP robotics work are similar online educators who are giving school children an opportunity to learn robotics.

There are opportunities in higher education.

IIIT, Hyderabad offers postgraduate, PhD courses as well as part-time programs in this stream.  Robotic research can also be done here.  Courses are conducted by the Faculty of Aeronautical, Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department at Center for Robotics, IIT Kanpur.  MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics can also be done from Manipal Institute of Technology.  There are many platforms for online learning as well.  For example, you can do international level certification courses with EDX.  There are courses like Robot Operating System and Micromasters in Robotics of University of Pennsylvania, Micro Masters in Artificial Intelligence of Columbia University.

Know where is the scope of robotics. 

Due to the increasing role of robotics in the industrial sector, the scope of robotic science as a career option is also huge.  Broadly, these are very useful in areas such as nuclear science, ocean exploration, designing biomedical devices, besides speeding up the process of manufacturing.  In the course of robotics, students are trained in areas such as artificial intelligence, computer aided manufacturing, computational geometry, robot motion planning, digital electronics and micro processing. Some examples in this area will help you understand robotics better.  • The Wabot-1 is the world's first full-scale humanoid that can walk and view through the camera.  DRDO Daksh identifies improvised explosive devices in the Indian Army.  "It's interesting to know that not all robots are physically present. Amazon's Alexa is a virtual assistant, while a robot named Sophia can create an advanced social AI humanoid eye contact, identify people, and create 60 types of expressions.


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